Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Lots of positivity in the air!

Hello friends!
It's been (again..) a little while since I've wrote.. and so much seems to be going on lately! So I thought i'd take a few minutes to write you all and let you know how things are going and what's new and exciting!
After the last post, our wonderful neutrophil fairy made a much appreciated appearance and gave Hayden enough "neuts" to continue her 2nd month of her 2nd phase of treatment.  She is basically repeating the 1st month with a few minor changes. She's doing really well too! She was getting her at home injections again, and just finished those yesterday. She's taking her bedtime chemo until the weekend I believe, and then she gets her regular friday chemo still.  It's been 3 months now since she has been diagnosed, and I can't believe the positive changes in her! She's happy, energetic, all things considered pretty healthy, and acting like the Hayden I knew before all of the signs (we had no idea were signs) started showing up.
We got some extremely exciting news this past weekend!!  There is a company in Mount Forest called Solowave, and a representative for the company contacted my mom and mentioned that she wanted to get a hold of us as they wanted to donate a playset for Hayden. A back yard playset!!!! I've been saving up to get her one for a few months now, and then this wonderful woman walks into our life and tells us that Solowave wants to help Hayden along in her journey by giving her a playset!!! We get to pick which one we'd like too. I can't thank Pam Carson, and the rest of the amazing and thoughtful people at Solowave for doing this for Hayden. I'm still in shock! I can't wait for her to see it all set up when we get it.. she will be extremely happy!!!
This evening I was visiting my wonderful friend Mary-Ann, she made a bunch of beautiful hair clips to support Hayden.. and I have to say.. they are gorgeous!

This is our little model showing off her new hair clip :-)

Mary-Ann's wonderful Grandma, as well as her grandma's fellow prayer group, made her a beautiful blanket as well. As they were making the blanket the said numerous prayers for our sweet girl. To these wonderful women, and to Mary-Ann's grandma that took our story to their group, your kindness and prayers are extremely appreciated. Thank you just doesn't seem like enough anymore. When I got home tonight, Hayden opened her gift, and I wrapped her in the blanket that has so much love and prayers poured into it. She loved it, and took it to bed with her!! Mary-Ann also sent me home with some pasta sauce that her dad made! Can I just say that Mary-Ann and her family rock!?

This was me giving her a squeeze, so all the happy thoughts, lots of love, and much appreciated prayers could be felt with it wrapped around her.
And then she was off to have her sweet dreams..

So as I mentioned before, some of Hayden's Wallaceburg family, are participating in the Relay for Life walk on May 30th. We are going to be having a yard sale to raise money for our team on May 3rd and I hope if you're reading this and you are from Wallaceburg you will be able to come say hello and to take a look around! I will have more details about the event in my next blog.  Also, if you would like to donate and are unable to attend the yard sale, please feel free to donate at www.relayforlife.ca and you can find our team under "Team Hayden". All of the info on that was in the last post!
Thank you again to all of the wonderful people who daily or weekly send me a text, email, or phone call to check and see how we are all doing. We are so lucky to have such amazing people in our lives who we get the privilege to call our family and friends.  One more quick thank you to my awesome mom for taking some time off work so she could come help me during our long clinic days. She sadly has to go back to work soon, but we are so thankful for the days we got and get to spend with her! She keeps Hayden busy when I have to run around the hospital picking up different prescriptions, and will sit there and color with her, or stick stickers to her nose, or lay a wash cloth on her head just to keep Hayden happy. I'm gonna miss having her up there with us on our weekly visit.. but I hope she knows we couldn't have got this far without her being here.
That's all for tonight! Sweet dreams friends xo

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