Wednesday, 11 June 2014

With a little help from some family and friends.. our little miss Hayden ROARED again :-)

Hello friends!!
So it's been another month since I've wrote in here again, but that's only because I've started to lose a little of the stresses I was having and things are somewhat feeling pretty normal for the time being - which means I tend to forget to update the blog! I promise.. I will try to do better!!! 
Hayden is in a phase called Inter Maintenance which is 2 months long. This phase is a few lumbar punctures and we get to stay at the hospital every other weekend for a high dose of methotrexate.. so 4 long weekend visits in total. We go in on a friday morning and if it's a lumbar puncture day then she doesn't get to eat anything past midnight the day before, and no fluids past 9am the day of. She's been doing really well with those too.. and i'm just greatful that we aren't going through the LP's on steroids again!!  We've completed 3 of the 4 weekends so far, with our final one coming up on the 20th. That will be the end of our scheduled visits for over night hospital stays in her treatment!! Once she's done this phase she will go into phase 4 called Delayed Intensification. I'm told from some of our friends that it's a pretty rough phase and will knock her counts right down.. so it's in the next phase that we kindly ask for all of the love, prayers, and positive thoughts you can give to Hayden in those 2 months! She will also have to have the Erwinia treatments in that phase (a treatment every other day.. ugh!) Hayden has done so well with all of this so far that I know she will blow through the next phase with her head held high with that beautiful smile on her face!!
So on May 24th I got to spend a few hours in Mount Forest for the Leukemia and Lymphoma bottle drive that was held at the Beer Store there! Well, it was held at all of the beer stores.. but I got to spend the day in my home town with some pretty awesome people! One of my very best friends (Chloe) works at the beer store in MF and was in charge of the event there! She had a penny table with donations from local businesses and a wonderful bake table that i'm pretty sure she sold out of almost instantly! They had a great turn out, and it was so nice to see everyone donating all of their old bottles to such a great cause. I had a great time sitting with my girls Chloe and Jenn all afternoon, and the amazing feeling of being "home" is one that I know will never leave me.
The weekend after that we took Hayden to Wallaceburg for the relay for life event that was held at WDSS, and what an amazing night it was. It ran from 7pm until 7am, they had many events going all night including track events, musical chairs.. as well as others. The music didn't stop all night, we walked as much as our feet would let us (Jon's Uncle Lee and Aunt Nancy, as well as their kids Owen and Emily, rocked that track for almost the duration of the event!!), we froze our bums off for a few hours over night, but we had lots of laughs, made some great memories, and I had the priviledge to meet some pretty inspirational people who have either gone through Cancer themselves or is a mother of a cancer survivor who knows exactly how we are feeling through all of this. Hayden got to wear her yellow shirt with her blue survivor ribbon on it, and we joined all of the cancer survivors on the track for what was likely the most emotional part of the night for me. They call it the survivors lap, but to me it was the most powerful moment of my life to this day. Jon and I both walked with Hayden around the track, and I had tears running down my face the entire time. All of the people walking that lap know exactly how Hayden feels or felt in the rough days of treatment.. something that I can only imagine, and to see all of them walking together knowing that they kicked cancers ass one at a time was inspiring and gave me a lot of hope that Hayden can and will beat this. They are the ultimate heroes to me for enduring what they had to go through, and for telling others that there is always hope for brighter days ahead.
I want to say a huge thank you to our awesome family for sticking it out that night, and helping raise so much money for such a great cause. We are so lucky to have such amazing families that stand by us every step of the way. 
To Jon's aunt Lisa (she is also Hayden's awesome godmother too), I hope you know that we will never forget how awesome you were in all of this. You lead Team Hayden all night and didn't let us stop even when we had no juice left in us! From the bottom of my heart, I want you to know that we love you so much.. and not just for doing this.. but for constantly being there for us and especially Hayden. You are one of the good people in this world, and we are lucky enough to have you as our aunt and godmother. I've said it before and I will say it again.. everyone needs an aunt Lisa :-) Also, a big thank you to Grandma Debbie and Uncle Kevin for helping Aunt Lisa out with attending meetings, and organizing Team Hayden!!
Before I post some pictures I have to give another huge shout out to my new and amazing friend Tracy O'Brien.  Between her, her awesome daughter Helanna, and her amazing mother.. they made posters for our team site (which we won the award for best decorated site), and Tracy also came dressed as the best Lion ever! She carried a big ROAR sign as we walked the track in the wickedly hot heat too!!! Tracy - you are an angel on earth. You have given hugs after hugs to all of the Foulon/Foster families whenever needed on our visits to your salon, you have the worlds biggest heart, and you are an all around good person. I know we've only met a few times so far.. but those few times will become many as I know i've found a friend for life in you! Thank you to you, your mom and Helanna for being on Hayden's side always :-)
This coming weekend we are taking Hayden, for the first time since christmas, to Mount Forest! I'm pretty excited too. Getting away from the house for a weekend makes things feel a little more normal, and I will take as much "normal" as I can get these days!!

Here's a few pictures from the last few weeks:

Hayden was so excited and happy to be out playing with everyone at the relay for life with no limits or boundaries!!! 

All of our wonderful members of Team Hayden! We love each and everyone of them more then any words could possibly describe! <3

These are a few of the luminaries that were made for Hayden by members of Team Hayden. <3

 These are the luminaries that lit the track for the walkers at night. It was so beautiful!

And now for some of Tracy's (and family) amazing art work:

Aunt Lisa and Grandma Debbie having a much needed break to warm up!!

Also, this past weekend Jon's awesome cousin Ryan, and his amazing wife Lindsay did a very long bike ride called "Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer" which is a 2 day bike ride from Toronto to Niagara Falls. Lindsay had mentioned to me earlier in the beginning of Hayden's journey that they will be riding for Hayden and that the money she raised would be donated to Leukemia ALL on the day of the ride. Thanks Lindsay and Ryan for standing beside Hayden in this long journey, and for donating your time and strength to such a great cause. Lindsay also rode that day for her dad who unfortunately lost his own battle not that long ago. He was with her every step of the way giving her the strength and encouragement she needed! Thanks Ryan and Lindsay.. you are 2 amazing people who have the warmest, most kind hearts ever.  :-)

Here they are.. rocking the tight shorts and awesome Team Hayden shirts!!

That's all for tonight. Until next time! xoxo